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Turjánvidék | Nature trail


The nature trail is a 2800 m long sightseeing tour, and going along it in a convenient tempo may takes about 1.5 hours. General features of the area, natural plant associations found here, typical species of trees and shrubs, protected species of plants and animals are shown on the boards of the 6 stations of the educational path, and we can read about selective silviculture, too.

Most of the nature trail goes in a wooded area, among sand dunes, but we can observe the wildlife of sand steppes and poplar and juniper forests on our way, too.

The nature trail of Betyár Hill is free to visitors, and it can be approached by car on the main road Nr. 5. Arriving in Táborfalva we should turn to the direction of Örkény-Tábor, then at the last barrack to the left and finally to the direction signed by boards. It's about 4 kms from the settlement.

GPS: 47.063836, 19.446192


The nature trail of Betyár Hill was built in 2010 by the Forestry Directorate of Táborfalva of HM Budapest Forestry Ltd with the support of "1% for Forests" grant.

For the visiting of the educational path free-of-charge professional guidance can be requested.

More information:

József Molnár HM Budapesti Erdőgazdaság Zrt.
telefon: 06 30 205 7951

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