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Turjánvidék | Biogeographic seminar

Information regarding the link to the biogeographic seminar process

Almost 20% of the EU area with additional marine sites are covered by the Natura 2000 network. It is clear however  that much needs to be done in order to increase the percentage of sites in so-called Favourable Conservation Status (FCS).

The European Commission has therefore initiated a programme of new Natura 2000 seminars, based on biogeographic regions involving all representatives from the relevant member states, whose aim is to provide an interactive forum, where region specific solutions can be found to the management problems.

The process is intended to provide identification and assessment of the key management issues of the Natura 2000 sites and to deliver ownership and timeframe for the solutions, where necessary across boundaries. In the Continental, Pannonian, Steppic and Black-sea Seminar in Luxembourg and in a follow-up event in Arad, Romania, Invasive Alien Species were identified as a key issue. Therefore, the biogeographical process was delighted to endorse and support the "European workshop on eradication and control of invasive plant species in protected areas and Natura 2000 sites" as a follow-up event of the process.

The event is supported by the European Commission, ECNC and CEEWeb for Biodiversity.