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The LIFE programme is a European Union initiative which provides funds for the protection of flora and fauna, and the management of habitats of community importance.

LIFE (L'Instrument Financier pour l'Environment) is a French acronym, which meas financial instruments for the environment. Its three main areas are Environment, Nature, and Third Countries.

The Committee discloses calls for new LIFE+ project proposals yearly.

There are 3 categories within the LIFE+ programme:

  • LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity
  • LIFE+ Environment Policy & Government
  • LIFE+ Information & Communication

LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity: these projects are designed for a better protection of endangered species and habitats. The projects are mostly done by partnerships of environmental and conservation organisations, governmental bodies and other associations. These are usually nature conservation projects, which help with the realisation of the birds and/or habitats directive, and with the management of the Natura 2000 network, or are about biodiversity. LIFE+ Biodiversity is a new category which deals with a wide variety of topics related to biodiversity.

LIFE+ Environment Policy & Government: those projects belong to here which contribute to the development of innovative policy ideas, technologies, methods and tools. The biggest portion of the EU funding was given to civil and public projects about waste and natural resources related projects. The second most popular topic was that of climate change. The further projects are dealing with various topics including water, urban areas, soil, noise level, forests, chemicals, air, and environment and health.

LIFE+ Information & Communication: includes communication and awareness raising projects related to environmental issues, together with trainings and measures to prevent forest fires. The Committee funded mostly projects handed in by public and civil conservation and/or environmental organisations. Selected projects started in Spain, France, Finland, Italy, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Further information about the LIFE+ programme:

(Source: European Committee)